PVAC Diving

PVAC offers a SAL sanctioned competitive springboard diving program. Our Diving Team coaches strive to challenge our athletes in the sport of diving at all levels from beginning, intermediate level, and advanced training.

A hard-working, focused and motivated training environment allows our PVAC Divers to grow athletically, competitively, and personally along with learning and having a lot of fun. Our coaching staff places a concentration on perfecting the diver’s technique, esthetic traits, and physical strength to allow our Divers to achieve full potential in the sport. Our coaches also help our Divers develop their advanced skills which prepare them for their future in high school and in college.

Always students of the sport, our coaches are passionate about staying on the leading edge of coaching and specialize in quickly developing athletes with a gymnastics background into top divers. The team hosts and attends a full schedule of competitions throughout the season.