Ursinus Pool

Address: 601 E. Main Street, Collegeville, PA 19426 - 610.409.3000


From PV High School - Turn Right onto Trappe Road. Follow Trappe Rd. to Betcher Rd. and Turn left. At the end of Betcher Road, make a Right onto 113. Follow 113 past PV South and turn left onto College Avenue. From College Ave. cross over 9th Avenue and straight into Ursinus' campus. The pool parking will be on your left upon entry. We will be able to enter the building on the side - near the indoor track. Walk to the right, and find the steps down to the locker rooms. 

From Ridge Pike/Main St. ~ Follow Ridge Pike to 9th Ave in Collegeville and take E 9th Ave to Ursinus College on your right.